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Pedigree Adult Chicken, Vegetable Dog Food (6 kg)

Pedigree Adult Chicken, Vegetable Dog Food  (6 kg)

The Pedigree Adult Chicken and Vegetables dry dog food is loaded with many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for your pet’s proper growth. It acts as a balanced diet to make your dog healthy from both inside and outside. It is good for your canine’s teeth, fur, bones, digestive tract and muscles. It will also boost your pet’s immunity.

Product Description
The key to a dog’s good health is a balanced diet. And we should never forget that a healthy canine is a happy canine. The Pedigree Adult Chicken and Vegetables dry dog food ensures that your dog is getting all the nutrients in a balanced form.
Why Pedigree?

Our canine best friends are unlike us in terms of growth patterns, physiology, life span and size of their stomachs. Which is why the food items that are good for us might not be ideal for them. The recipe of the Pedigree Adult Chicken and Vegetables dry dog food is specially formulated by nutrition experts at the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition to provide your pets with the right nutrients essential for their proper growth.

Five Signs of Good Health

This dry dog food contains a healthy blend of Omega 6 and Zinc, which promotes healthier and shinier coat in dogs. The protein present in this dog food makes your pets’ muscles strong, ensuring they stay agile and healthy. The dietary fibre aids better digestion that leads to firm stool quality. Apart from these, the Calcium and Phosphorous present in this dog food ensure stronger bones and teeth. The vitamins and minerals enhance your four-legged best friends’ immunity, so they stay cheerful and strong from the inside.

Feeding Guidelines

This dog food is not only tasty, but it is a complete meal in itself. But you still need to follow a few guidelines when it comes to feeding your pet the right way. You’ll need to provide your pet with a bowl of clean drinking water during mealtimes. If your pet is accustomed to eating home-cooked food and is not enjoying Pedigree, then you can mix a portion of it with your canine’s current food till he develops a taste for it.

How to Get Started?

When you’re buying this dry dog food, make sure that the packet is properly sealed. Once you open it, immediately store the dog food in an airtight container, so it stays fresh and tasty for longer. If this is the first time you’re giving your pet Pedigree make sure that the transition is gradual. All you need to do is follow these steps. On day one and two, add about 25-percent of Pedigree with 75-percent of home-cooked food. On day three and four, mix 50-percent of this dog food with 50-percent of home-cooked food. On day five and six, increase the amount of Pedigree to 75-percent. From day seven onward you can give Pedigree to your dog without adding home-cooked food to it.

  • For Dog
  • Flavor: Chicken, Vegetable
  • Food Type: Dry
  • Suitable For: Adult
  • Shelf Life: 12 Month

Where can we buy Dogs

Where can we buy Dogs

There is a strong attachment between humans and dogs since ancient days as they show more affection to their owner. Dogs are special as they have the same right to lead healthy and happy life as humans. Many people buy dogs each year to get ride from their loneliness since dogs are the best pets to human life. There are many ways to buy a dog by checking classified ads and do online searches for breeders in your area.

Before we buy a dog, we need to make sure that is a healthy dog, without any major health problems like they should be alert and energetic when they are moving around. Any discharge from eyes or nose may indicate a viral or bacterial infection.

  1. You can buy a dog from Dog breeders which are a good source for purebred, pedigree dogs. When buying from a dog breeder, check the other dogs in their care to make sure they are well looked after. Dog breeders have purebred show dogs, well trained, with a good temperament and great socializing skills. Search for a reputable breeder and contact any dog clubs to ask which dog breeders they recommend. Contact the breeder on the phone or via email.
  2. When buying a purebred dog, there are hereditary diseases associated with each pure breed. Do some research and find out what hereditary diseases the purebred of your choice could possibly have. If the breeder has sent you the pedigree and health certificates (including checks for hereditary diseases) then look at the dog before you buy.
  3. Try to adopt or buy a dog from your local SPCA, Humane Society, or Rescue Organization. You will find both mixed breeds and purebred dogs and puppies. All of these organizations are typically very helpful and will help make sure you choose the right dog for your lifestyle. Buying a dog from Dog shelters is a good source. Though the cost of the dog will cover vaccination but you will benefited. When buying a dog from a dog shelter, find out all you can about the dog and check for any health or behavior problems.
  4. It is suggested that you don’t buy a dog from backyard breeders or pet shops as they mainly focus on making profit by selling dogs without taking proper health care or hereditary diseases though come at cheaper price with all health problems. It is not recommended to buy dogs from anyone who cannot show you at least the mother of the dog, or from anyone trying to force a puppy on you at a street corner. Pet shops are known to purchase dogs from puppy mills. A pet store is not a good environment for a dog and many people suggest against buying from a pet store on moral grounds.
  5. Buying a dog through classifieds is the best option since many people advertise dogs in the classifieds section in the paper. Some of these classifieds may be for purebred breeds from dog breeders or litters that people wants to sell. But buying a dog from these classifieds are inexpensive and is good place to get a dog. But checkout that dogs bought from homes might have behavior and health problems and may not have received proper care.
  6. Buying pets online is not at all a good thought since they should be checked and looked at carefully before buying dogs. On internet we find some of the pets that are available advertised by Dog shelters and some dog breeders may have a description and even a photo of dogs. This is a good way to see whether there are any dogs that are appropriate before going to look at the dogs.

So before contacting dog breeders, visiting dog shelters or ringing up classifieds, you need to make sure you are ready for a new dog and decide what type of dog you want. When you know what you want and you are ready for a new dog then we should buy a dog and have fun with them.