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Essential Guide to Book Cheap Airline Tickets

 Essential Guide to Book Cheap Airline Tickets:

There are plenty of attractive and exciting places to visit and present airline system makes it so effortless to visit every corner of the world. Travel by air isn’t cheap. Airfare is certainly not a real bargain and with the rising fuel and security costs associated with travel these days, the airline travel expense becoming  pretty much expensive. The airline tickets are not always available at the lowest prices. The major airlines are in vicious competition with one another for the public’s travel dollars. Here are the best guidelines to guide you to book cheap airline tickets for exciting tour.

* The airline ticket auction sites, auctions off their available offers to the person to the book who offers the highest price. Here you can only specify the destination you wish to travel to and the departure and arrival dates. You put in a bid as to what you are willing to pay and if your bid is accepted you will end up with the flight.

* Booking apex tickets, you can save up to 60% costs on your airline tickets. Apex airline tickets are ideal for flexible travelers. These airline tickets must be booked and paid for well in advance of departure, varying between seven days and a month, a minimum stay abroad is required and no stopovers are allowed.

* Courier company is well known way of obtaining cheap airline tickets. Couriers can save up to 75% off the regular air fare price. The courier company purchases the ticket from the airline and sells it to the courier for a really cheap price in return for their work. But make sure to check the courier company is officially recognized by a trustworthy source.

* Airline ticket consolidators are brokers who buy blocks of tickets and sell them at a discount to help an airline fill up all available seats. Hence booking airline tickets through airline ticket consolidators would cost you less and have exciting cheap travel.

* Airlines to build up a customer base offers promotional flight sales to promote their newest routes and services by slashing fares and offering free return tickets. Be sure to check the sale price says “includes taxes or charges.

* Code share is offering same flight by two different airlines. When you book your airline ticket check whether it is a “code-share” flight by your agent. Note the name of the other airline and check into what they are charging. Only one of the airlines will be operating the flight. The actual operator always offers this flight for less, so book with them.

* Frequent flyer schemes are best option for those who travel very often where airlines offer this as a reward for them. By simply entering your details into the airline’s website in frequent flyer section and you will be issued with your personal number, and always mention your frequent flyer number so that the reward miles can be credited to your account.

* According to various travel agents, the best time to book airline tickets is eleven months before you’re due to travel. The flights have just been released and there are plenty of cheaper seats available. Travelling during night and midweek will certainly be less expensive and there will be no weekend supplement. Consider to call the airlines between midnight and 1 a.m. on week days from Monday to Friday to get cheaper tickets. Most of the people are unaware that at midnight, airline agents revise and load new fares into their computers. The best fares are just after they have done the updating.

Tips to remember while purchasing cheap flight tickets

 Tips to remember while purchasing cheap flight tickets:

Purchasing inexpensive tickets will be the top priority while planning for a trip to spend on traveling expenses and enjoy the vacation. There are several websites and travel agents that offer air tickets for very reasonable prices. With certain things, you can consider buying cheap flight tickets.

* You have to carefully consider the list of terms and conditions of cheap flight tickets which you need to know and have to adhere too. Also have to find hidden charges or other clauses that may prove expensive later on. Check whether the agency offers refund in case of flight cancellation or delay.

* Before making quick cheap flight ticket purchases consider your requirements. Look for an airline that satisfies your requirements. Although there are several cheap flight tickets available, they will be on cheap airlines with poor service and facilities. You must check whether you are getting ticket according to the day and date convenient to you. There is no worth in purchasing cheap flight tickets if the travel itself is highly uncomfortable.

* Budget is the main factor when purchasing flight tickets, so think beforehand how much you can spend on the flight tickets instead of choosing from the least available option. You can opt for the cheapest deal you can obtain on a good airline rather choosing a cheap flight. Hence planning carefully for your budget, will be able to make optimal use of the available budget. When you plan in advance, you can have more number of options to make clear ideas for your travel.

* Most of the flight ticket agencies decide on the charge of the ticket based on the date of reservation. The earlier you approach, the lesser will be the rate. Buying airline ticket from an agent is often cheaper than buying ticket directly from the airline companies. However, before choosing an agency, you must make sure that it guarantees cheap airfare tickets.

* Also airlines consider flying with unoccupied seats as a loss. Therefore, they slash their prices at the last minute just to fill up the seats. You can get tickets at cheap price at the last minute too. But be sure to check whether the seats are available or not.

* Even the time when the flight takes off influences the cost of the ticket. Flights that take off in the middle of the night or during the early hours of the morning charge less since there would be less  number of travelers who opt for these flights. Choosing the flights that arrive at odd hours are usually less expensive.

* If you are looking for cheap flight tickets then try to be flexible with your travelling plan. Travelling on weekdays may be cheaper than on weekends.

Significance of International Travel Insurance

Significance of International Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is very essential, especially if you go for an international trip. This travel insurance usually covers medical expenses, financial or any other losses incurred while traveling. Travel insurance is arranged at the booking of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip.

Various insurance companies have their own policies with an international emergency assistance group which provides the actual emergency assistance and medical evacuation if necessary. Along with evaluating the primary travel/theft elements of your policy when you get international travel health insurance, you need to confirm what the emergency assistance component offers.

There are different types of international travel insurance plans available when you are outside your country.

Comprehensive travel medical insurance :

This plan is best suited for people who have no medical coverage, even in their home town for those who travel a lot or are posted on a job outside their country of citizenship.

Medical evacuation insurance

Evacuation is very expensive and is not really necessary, because most countries today have excellent medical facilities to take care of emergencies. Such medical travel insurance plan is best suited for sportsmen taking part in extreme sports who may need immediate and advanced medical attention which covers costs of an air ambulance and the cost of doctors and nurses in the place of injury.

Emergency travel medical insurance:

People who have medical insurance at hometown, but it doesn’t include traveling medical aid, then this kind of plan covers emergency medical services abroad and the post incident care has to borne at home by the individual or the existing medical cover at home. Make sure that your home cover does not include travel cover before you opt for emergency travel medical insurance.

Supplier default insurance:

This insurance plan will cover any monetary losses borne by you in case of the airline or operator you are traveling by goes bankrupt. They will reimburse for lost items.

Trip cancellation or interruption insurance:

This insurance plan covers the penalties levied due to cancellation of the trip for reasons as specified. They will pay you back if you cancel the trip for certain scheduled reasons whatever the reasons may be  either injury or illness to the insured or a person of his/her family, or a travel companion.

Hence, as illness is uncertain and it can spoil the planned trip in situations like loss of passport or baggage while traveling internationally, the medical bills and financial difficulties faced by you abroad are taken care of when you have travel insurance.

Best days to fly Internationally

Best days to fly Internationally:

There is always quite a bit of confusion arises when to buy and what is the best time to buy airline tickets to travel internationally. for airlines there are certain times in a year to make a great business. Especially during holiday season and festivals are the times, when airlines make lots of business. And usually most budget travelers never fly during high season. They take advantage of the lower airfares and decent weather.

Most airlines start competing for passengers around three to four months before departure. And when it comes to cheap international airfares, an international ticket booked with less than 3 days notice will be very expensive, but it will also be pricy if you book too far in advance., so don’t book too early or too late.

Booking in advance is usually cheaper and days of the week varies with what week it is anytime near holidays usually costs more.The most expensive days to fly international or domestic are from Friday to Monday.

International travel deals are entirely based on availability, you will find the cheapest international airfare deals if you travel midweek, usually departing and returning on a Tuesday or Wednesday, while most people travel over the weekend Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday is one of the three cheapest days, since the supply of tickets is much higher than the number of fliers in the air on this week day. Tuesday is an ideal day to find cheap fares. And the other weekdays would be best to travel between Tuesday and Saturday while Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days to travel.

Most business people prefer to travel on weekends at Fridays, Sundays and Mondays, hence seats on Saturday are often empty and deeply discounted. So instead of rushing out of work for a Friday flight, try to wait till Saturday morning to begin your weekend. If you are traveling over the holidays, consider traveling on the holiday itself to find a cheaper fare, regardless of the day of the week.

Typically the cheapest time to fly is the first flight out in the morning, next during or after lunch hours and at the dinner hour. Opting for direct flights for your destination are also cheaper than nonstop flights for international travel.

First and Economy Class Services in Flight

First and Economy Class Services in Flight:

While traveling by air, tourists need to buy flight ticket which permits them to fly to their destination. At the time of purchasing the ticket there are quite a few options offered for passengers to choose between. To discover the most out of your travel experience it is essential to understand each of these preferences and the way they function.

The economy and first class are the most common classes exists in flights as the name implies the offerings from one airline to another also differs. The primary differences between first and business class on a plane are seats and service. Apart from the cost, it is the level of service and the size and comfort of the seating and leg room.

First Class Flight Services:

Basically in a very special first class flight it is likely that you will be offered a wide range of luxuries preferably being spacious room as well as space for your legs to stretch, along with complimentary drinks, a bed to relax or perhaps even your own personal suite with all the amenities where you will get the feeling of being an important person because of the fine services offered by airlines.

First class flights usually get better response from customers, hence many of the airlines are offering such kind of flights because this is the flight that people keep coming back for creating loyalty.

First class ticket holders also have access to the airport lounge while waiting for their flight and a variety of entertainment options on-board.

Economy Class Flight Services :

The cost for premium economy is not much different than the cost for regular economy class in flight. Economy passengers usually pay for their seats which provide the most basic services with minimum space and a basic meal served on a tray.

Economy class offers general services like private music or movie to watch. Other comforts offered in economy class are pillow and blanket to use. While airlines have created the so called premium economy which some would consider one step higher than economy class. Usually this is being offered by international flights where you can be boarded in the aircraft for longer duration such as 8 to 12 hours.

Benefits of Airline Travel Agencies

                    Benefits of Airline Travel Agencies:

Today it became very convenient for every traveler book a fabulous vacation online with a credit card and a few clicks on a website. Infact spending hours together on internet searching for the best travel deals makes you frustrated, if your trip is complicated and it’s expensive, traveling internationally or having multiple cities during your destination. Then at times opting for best travel agency would be  better since travel agents are experts when it comes to providing tourism related services to the public by offering plenty of benefits when you are booking your vacation.

* A good travel agent knows when the best times to travel in getting a good deal. Agents keep up with what is going on around the world since are experienced travelers themselves and can help you avoid areas or times that would prove to be less than desirable.

* The travel agent will provide suggestions for you regarding where you should visit, where you should stay and activities you might enjoy based on your personal needs. Also include how much money you want to spend on the trip and your length of stay.

* The earlier you start, the better to make plan for getting best flight deals. Booking travel 4-6 months out increases your chances of choosing from the best options and price selections.

* While choosing the best travel agency, look for the CTC (Certified Travel Counselor), CTA (Certified Travel Associate), or DS (Destination Specialist) professional certifications. The CTC certification is the travel industry’s highest level of professional achievement, granted to professionals with at least five years of travel experience and who have completed an academic study program and exam.

* Travel agents have knowledge of the} how to go about different destinations. They have a wealth of money-saving tips and tricks that you simply won’t learn online. Since you have a very specific budget to work with, an agent can assist you plan a vacation within those parameters.

* Travel agents are often paid on commission by hotel groups, tour operators, cruise lines and other travel suppliers for selling their products, which means there’s often little added cost for the consumer to book a trip. By using a travel agent, might costs you the same or slightly more than booking a trip on your own.

* Since travel agents spend their time booking vacations and working with different resorts, travel agents have the resources to find the best bargains. They provide one-stop access for travel, accommodations and activities.

* If you booked a trip on your own it might be difficult and expensive in canceling a transaction or altering your travel. With travel agents, you may be able to contact to adjust your bookings at a reduced fee or at no cost.

* A travel agent has access to the resources and people who can help you plan the perfect event as they book a high volume of trips. And often have access to perks that whether it’s a room upgrade, a fee waiver or even reservations at a hot resort or on a popular tour and add these perks into your vacation plan.

Tips to get best online flight deals

 Tips to get best online flight deals :

To get the best flight deals for traveling it’s important to do research in order to understand how you can grab a good deal on air fares. You can even find best deals on flight tickets by all for yourself from the comfort of your own home through internet to get to know the best flight deals.

* Airline tickets must be purchased in advance. It is best deal to choose an airline that has a lower change fee as soon as you plan for travel through flight. With advance booking, lots of people can avail the best and cheap flights deals you save money. Early booking is very helpful in finding affordable flights during the season. Most of the airlines will offer the deals as a way of attracting more travelers.

* Before you do begin your online search, make a list of the various airports that are within easy reach of your chosen holiday destination.

* Last minute offers and discounts are well provided in many popular website for the tourists who wish to find great flight deals to reserve an airline tickets by getting online for both domestic and international flights. These sites offer the availability of the tickets, discount in flight deals.

* If you want this to be done some others then you would need to use the services of a travel agencies who charge a small fee for searching  through dozens of flights. Hence if you use a travel agent then you need to know how they get their commission or fees. Sometimes, they will charge separately for booking, other times they can get a commission out of the travel operator or airline.

* Most of the travel websites give you the option to pick your holiday dates, destination and even a budget and it will come up with some options that narrow down your searching where you can book a combination of flights and hotels from which you can avail cheap flight deals.

* Most flights don’t get seats filled during the off season and therefore airlines have great extent of empty seats to be filled and will offer the last minute deals. Hence opting for the last minute deals offer you with  affordable flight you are looking for. To find the best deals when flight sales are not available, use discount comparison sites. But be sure that some companies do not list taxes and fees.

* If you sign up for free airfare alerts, then they will let you specify airline, nonstop vs. connecting flights, and let you know when a fare on a route you specify has gone down in price, regardless of the airline or flight time.

* Airlines often try to provide service to customers to book directly with them by offering special deals when you sign up for their newsletters and e-mail lists. Because you signed up for e-mail from your favorite airlines and online travel agencies you’ll receive promo codes in your e-mail. These codes can only be redeemed if you book directly on the airlines websites. They also alert you to special deals that can only be booked on their sites or that are only available to members of their loyalty programs.

How to find Cheap Flight Tickets

 How to find Cheap Flight Tickets

Everyone enjoys having trip to countries but spending limited with regard to buying cheap flights. It would be very fun when you avail discounts on flight tickets, so that the money that you have save can be added to your budget which you can use for spending on other expenses while on your trip. There are lots of opportunities to know where to find very cheap tickets to book.

* First thing you need to do for finding cheap air flights tickets, you need to know where and when to look and you need to consider whether you’re looking for cheap international flights or domestic flights. And since airlines regularly update their flight tickets fares, you have to constantly update your search.

* Mostly, airline companies often raise airfares on Friday and lower prices on Monday, so buying flight tickets in midweek is the best time to avail for cheap flights. But make sure to be flexible about your trip because this goes for both departure and return dates.

* Check nearby popular cities and nearby airports for buying cheap flight tickets. Consider looking for cheap flight tickets to a popular city that is close by where you are traveling. Then you can find a cheap domestic flight or other form of transportation to your final destination.

* As airlines frequently adjust the price of a ticket based on a number of factors, while smaller regional or independent carriers sometimes offer very low fares, this breed of carriers deserves some special evaluation.

* Airlines offering cheap airfares may serve some destinations only a few days a week, and this restriction can leave travelers booking a return flight on a different airline or at a considerably higher fare. Hence make sure while buying very cheap flight tickets.

* Due to the kind of economy that is prevailing in the country today, most of the people are finding very cheap flight tickets through the internet. Take this into consideration, some of the airlines also alert customers to sales through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and sometimes offer exclusive sales to fans and followers.

* To buy very cheap airline tickets, one should know how to compare prices as well as the services of airline companies who provide airline services.

* Through Internet, you can avail the offer of cheap flight tickets, with a best option is by signing up with different airline sites to get information about their offers on flight tickets.

* You can also find through advertisements in newspapers, Classified ads and travel magazines of different airline companies that offer very good source of cheap and affordable airline packages with good services and free from any airline issues.

* If you go for last minute booking, then you can avail more chances of saving money on your flight tickets. But for that you need to keep yourself informed with the updates of the different airline companies they offer.

Tips to Book Cheap Flight Tickets


Tips to Book Cheap Flight Tickets :

Buying a flight ticket on online is not the same as getting the cheapest price. Nobody wants to overpay for a flight tickets for traveling and empty out your wallet. There are certain things that you can do in order to book a cheap flight.

* One of the simplest ways of booking flight tickets at low-priced is in fact scheduling your travel dates beforehand. In case you make your vacation during the course of the weekdays, you probably get discount rates. Allow at least three hours between flights for international departures/changeovers. And some specific airline companies reduce the prices of flight tickets within the weekdays, since they usually have more number of customers traveling during the weekends.

* Make sure that if your travel destination has any chain of multiple airports in between that serve flights to neighboring airports rather than the ones that link you to the main airport directly. Hence the flight ticket for landing at a major airport would be high when compared. So it would be better to check for multiple airports, then can easily take a taxi cab from a local airport to your main travel destination.

* Since airports will be busy scheduled during holidays and weekends, planning before vacation and booking flight tickets in advance for your trip might cost you cheap for your trip.

* Always prior to booking flight tickets, try to compare the prices offered by different online company websites and even contacting a travel agency. Mostly some travel companies offer special discounts for their regular customers or, online customers. And also ask the airline companies if it offers travel packages to save money in other areas.

* No matter when you are traveling or where your destination may be having updated information about flight tickets is always useful which you can get by watching the news and reading the newspaper.

* High season is a bad time to fly standby because most airlines overbook flights, making it difficult to find a spare seat. Inquire about standby fares if you’re flying off-season.

* While booking through an agent, one need to specify the lowest possible fares of air tickets. Always try to buy or book flight tickets through consolidators, those who buy blocks of tickets and sell them at a discount to help an airline fill up all available seats. For this you need to check the travel section of the newspaper under ‘Ticket Consolidators.’

* Stay with the same airline during your entire trip to receive round-trip or connecting fare discounts.

* If the airlines have failed to fill their planes then they offer weekly newsletters that feature their best last-minute deals through which you  can avail fantastic money-savers to very attractive travel destinations.

Significance of Online Flight Tickets Booking


Significance of Online Flight Tickets Booking :

Travelers those who plan to travel by flights need to book tickets in advance so as to avoid last minute booking for costly air tickets. Now-a-days most of the airline companies and travel companies are  offering with online flight ticket booking through their websites. These websites are protected with SSL security for safer booking with customer friendly software offered by airline.

Almost all airlines offer online flight booking facility for business class and also for class travelers. With just basic information you enter in the online flight ticket booking websites such as the source and destination along with the dates you want to travel on, then you can grab all the updated information about the flights and fares along with discounts they offer.

* The most significant benefit of online flight ticket booking saves your  considerable time in traveling to the airport. Even you can avoid travel agents take a commission and service fees for telephone bookings.

* Since online flight booking websites deal directly with the airline corporations, the customers can avail with attractive discounts and deals on ticket booking.

* Through online flight tickets booking the customers can avail important information about the flight schedule, rout and departure and arrival time of the flight.

* If you happen to go on a leisure trip and looking for flights to meet a business associate, you get the full control and management of your trip.

* Booking flight tickets through online means you have greater access to flight schedules. Online booking sites provide you with a wide range of flight scheduling options where you cannot obtain through phone call.

* As there is competition everywhere, even flight booking sites are no far from this competition, hence you can find competitive prices through online booking for flight tickets where you can find the accurate costs of flight and various options availed with that specific  flight.

* Booking airline reservations through online makes you very convenient from anyplace and anytime with just having an Internet connection to your PC or with a mobile Internet device.

* Through online flight ticket booking, you can make alterations to your schedule without having to speak to a ticketing agent.

Your reservations made online can be changed at your convenience from websites where you booked your flight ticket by log in to that site.

* Online flight ticket booking has the ability to check in up to 24 hours before your flight and select your seat and print your boarding passes from home with which you can carry-on luggage and can go directly  to your gate.

Hence it’s possible to journey to every part of the world without any stress through online flight ticket booking in advance and avail cheap flight deals.