Best Season to Buy a Car

You’ve heard all the advice about the best time to buy a car, and now you’re eager to bounce into a showroom. But it’s not that easy since there’s no particular part of any month when you’re guaranteed to get the best bargain. There is no one day of the week when dealers will be most open to lowball offers. Keep in mind that the rules are different for new cars versus used cars.

Best Season to Buy a CarThe best time to buy a car is not necessarily during a specific season although you can typically find good deals at the end of the year, but there are times during the year when we see reoccurring offers, sales and incentives.

Industry experts and media coverage tell us that December is the best time of the year to purchase a new vehicle since dealers want to avoid paying taxes on inventory that will be carried over into the next year.

When car sales are down overall, as they are currently, one would expect generous finance and cash-back offers. Though the perception is that there isn’t much credit available, many automakers have continued to offer financing, and their attractive rates — including zero percent have come back, too.

The costs of the car, the insurance and the financing are all interconnected, so the only way to get the best car, coverage, rate and deal is to inform yourself on all aspects before you enter the dealership.

Nowadays, most cars begin to change model years around September or October, but all-new and completely redesigned models can come any time of year. That is all the more reason to educate yourself on products before shopping, to know when a redesign might happen. You might be able to grab a deal on the outgoing model.

Some Automakers typically introduce new-model-year cars in August or September.

Another good time to find deals is when a car is going to be redesigned. When that happens, the older versions will likely be shooed off the lot with the help of cash-back, low-interest or other deals. Overall, it helps to pay attention to what’s going on in the automotive industry and keep up to date on the models you‘re interested in.

September is historically the slowest sales month for car dealers. It’s typically the time of year just before the next model-year vehicles are about to arrive, and it’s historically been the best time to find great incentives.


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