Vegan Protein Meal Shake is made with Added Probiotics Mixed Berry is a blend of pea and rice protein, probiotics, vitamins and minerals along with oats, MCT and berries. The formulation of protein meal shake is rich in protein and antioxidants and supports lean muscle development.
Vegan Protein Meal Shake includes 17.5 grams of plant based clean protein (Pea & Rice), 2.3 grams of dietary fiber, 26 vitamins & minerals, 262 calories per serving.
Medium Chain Triglycerides MCT in vegan protein meal shake supports lean muscle, provides healthy fat and boost energy. Our amino acid infused plant based protein blend promotes complete healthy balance.
Vegan protein Meal Shake is a complete vegan and vegetarian friendly, meal on the go for those with little or no time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Using protein meal shake perfect way to supplement your daily diet and nutrition needs. Vegan protein meal shake includes berries that are a rich source of Antioxidants, Oats as rich source of fiber and comes with added probiotics to support your gut health.
Vegan protein meal shake is a perfect blend of Pea Protein Concentrate, Rice Protein Concentrate and Oats powder having an exceptionally good PDCAA score. It provides Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat in a balanced ratio of 2:3:1.

Vegan Protein meal shake promote muscle gain and improve performance and recovery. Protein meal shake also prevent muscle loss and may even help increase muscle mass during weight loss.

 Vegan Protein Meal Shake aim to provide as much protein as food but with fewer calories. Some can even provide more protein than food. The idea is that replacing meals with protein shake can improve weight loss and muscle gain.

Key Ingredients used in Vegan Protein Meal Shake:

Vegan protein Meal shake has..

Pea and Rice Protein
Vitamins and Minerals
MCT are the ingredients used in vegan protein meal shake

Key Benefits of Vegan Protein Meal Shake:

Protein meal shake supports lean muscle development.
protein meal shake is a rich source of antioxidants.
Oats are a rich source of fiber.
Vitamins and minerals are essential for overall well-being.
Probiotics in vegan protein meal shake support healthy gut.

Directions for using Vegan Protein Meal Shake:

Use as directed.