How to make profits from Podcast

The word podcast is a play on the word broadcast combined with the word iPod. Pod casting has increased the playing field. Anyone with something to say and a desire to say it can create a podcast and publish it to the world on internet. A podcast is similar to a radio show or television show which is packaged and delivered online as a download. This allows the listener to download and listen or watch the show when it is most convenient for them rather than based on the creators “Air” schedule.

Podcast are delivered utilizing the MP3 format. A podcast is a digital audio file (usually MP3 or AAC) made available for download on the internet through an RSS 2.0 feed. The web address of the media file is contained in the enclosure tag of an item in the XML file. A podcast’s RSS feed is updated each time a new media file is published.

How to make profits from PodcastAn aggregator for podcasts such as itunes or iPodder is used to subscribe to the RSS feed. The software automatically checks for and downloads new audio files. The file can then be synced to a digital audio player. By just placing an audio file online at your website and informing users to “click to listen” to your “Podcast on-demand” is sufficient. Most browsers know how to handle and stream an audio file that is clicked on.

With the continued use of iPods, iPhones, and also other Internet enabled devices that have powerful support for MP3. Podcasts have become a common method of obtaining content on these devices.  They are a series of digital files, usually audio, but they can be video as well. Some are released daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the person who makes it. The delivery of these files varies widely, but most are accessible over the Internet. Some is free and some have a subscription price depending on the content of the podcast and the provider.

Pod casters are not restricted by the FCC or traditional broadcast formats and regulations. This allows for numerous subjects and formats. Pod casts are easy to do whether you DIY with an audio editor and your own website or use a third-party to create it and host it. A Podcast allows you to create a “chunk” of audio programming which can be accessed on-demand.

  1. The cost to start pod casting is so low that anyone can do it. Most podcasters are everyday people like us. Most podcasts are commercial-free. The podcasters can produce their shows with little or no sponsorship. Even when podcasters do incorporate some advertising it’s much less disturbing than the barrage we get on the radio.
  2. Pod casting can generate money if it is made interesting. One of the most popular strategies for monetizing a podcast is to sell advertising space on your website.
  3. To podcast for profit involves making and distributing podcasts in order to generate revenue. Podcast profits can be made through actually selling the podcast, but they are more likely to be generated through donations, sponsorship and programs like Google Adwords.
  4. Podcasts that cost money to download and listen to will usually only do well if they contain information that is relevant, popular and contains expert advice. Any podcasts that cost money will face competition from all the free and readily available podcasts that are available. People who try to sell their podcast may find that nobody wants to buy it.
  5. Many people are unwilling to pay for a podcast, they may be willing to voluntarily make a donation in order to keep the podcast going. In order to receive money from donations, you will need to provide a place on your website where people can easily make a donation. Pay pal is a reputable service that allows people to put a donation button on their website.
  6. Ensure that you provide a podcast that people wish to listen to and that they think is worth contributing to. Donations are a great way to generate revenue for new podcasts that have not yet built up a steady base of listeners
  7. Commercial sponsorship is another way to generate revenue through podcasts. You can either look at getting big sponsors or a number of small sponsors. Sometimes sponsors will approach you if you have a large enough listener-base and a good profile. But before that you must have a good idea of the type of sponsors you want and the type of sponsors that would benefit from sponsoring your podcast. Show commitment to the podcast and a plan for the future, understand the finances of your podcast.
  8. To create profitable podcasts start with good hosting first. You want to deal with a host that has plenty of room for your files and also makes it available to many directories. Getting it in as many hands as possible gives you the greatest chance to profit on your work.
  9. To make profit with your podcasts you need to have fresh content all the time. This content needs to be something people cannot find elsewhere, and they must come to you. Fresh content all the time will increase your readership and multiply your profit as well.
  10. Make readers signing up as easy as possible, as this contributes to more profit for you in the long run. Pod casting is not something everyone is really familiar with. By making it easy to sign up or subscribe, the chances you will profit really goes up.
  11. By running ads on your webpage and use your podcast to drive traffic which in turn provides profits. You can also set these up as a way to sell ads on your site.
  12. Training is another great way to make money selling time.  If you don’t know how to build a training course, then take a course about building a paid membership training site. Promote a 30 minute training session contest for people who sign up for your Pod Zine.

Now that Vidcasts have started to emerge on the internet distributing digital video files. But Pod casting offers a variety of content for listeners to consume how they want, when they want and where they want. Pod casting has been around for just over four years now and people are still struggling to make money pod casting.