Best days to fly Internationally:

There is always quite a bit of confusion arises when to buy and what is the best time to buy airline tickets to travel internationally. for airlines there are certain times in a year to make a great business. Especially during holiday season and festivals are the times, when airlines make lots of business. And usually most budget travelers never fly during high season. They take advantage of the lower airfares and decent weather.

Most airlines start competing for passengers around three to four months before departure. And when it comes to cheap international airfares, an international ticket booked with less than 3 days notice will be very expensive, but it will also be pricy if you book too far in advance., so don’t book too early or too late.

Booking in advance is usually cheaper and days of the week varies with what week it is anytime near holidays usually costs more.The most expensive days to fly international or domestic are from Friday to Monday.

International travel deals are entirely based on availability, you will find the cheapest international airfare deals if you travel midweek, usually departing and returning on a Tuesday or Wednesday, while most people travel over the weekend Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday is one of the three cheapest days, since the supply of tickets is much higher than the number of fliers in the air on this week day. Tuesday is an ideal day to find cheap fares. And the other weekdays would be best to travel between Tuesday and Saturday while Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days to travel.

Most business people prefer to travel on weekends at Fridays, Sundays and Mondays, hence seats on Saturday are often empty and deeply discounted. So instead of rushing out of work for a Friday flight, try to wait till Saturday morning to begin your weekend. If you are traveling over the holidays, consider traveling on the holiday itself to find a cheaper fare, regardless of the day of the week.

Typically the cheapest time to fly is the first flight out in the morning, next during or after lunch hours and at the dinner hour. Opting for direct flights for your destination are also cheaper than nonstop flights for international travel.


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