A meal replacement is a drink, bar, soup, etc. intended as a substitute for a solid food meal, usually with controlled quantities of calories and nutrients. Some drinks are in the form of a health shake. Medically prescribed meal replacement drinks include the required vitamins and minerals

Meal Replacement Shake is a scientific, delicious and nutritious way to manage weight without sacrificing health and taste. Rich mango flavoured shake serves 21.4g proteins, 4.6g fibres, 27 vitamins and minerals per serving, when mixed with 300ml skimmed milk. When you replace HealthKart SlimShake with an average Indian meal and you end up saving up to 700 calories. Each serving will keep you full for 4-5 hours. A result of intensive scientific research HealthKart SlimShake is free from side effects and a healthy, nutritious way to maintain weight.

Most meal shakes contain 200–400 calories and a good amount of protein, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. For this reason, meal replacement shakes are a convenient way to get a healthy, low-calorie meal on the go.

Meal replacement shakes can help you feel full while consuming fewer calories. Several studies suggest that replacing one or two meals per day with a healthy meal replacement shake may speed up weight loss.

Following a protein shake diet encourages weight loss by curbing appetite and reducing the total calories a person consumes in a day. Although these diets can be effective in the short term, healthcare professionals do not recommend living solely or primarily on meal replacement shakes.

pro’s of Meal Replacement Shakes :

They don’t need cooking
They can be great for athletes
It makes it easy to track calories
They don’t take much time
Meal Replacement Shakes are High in Protein
They Can Reduce Sugar Craving
Can Help You To Lose Weight Faster

Ingredients used in Meal Replacement Shakes:

Herbalife Dinoshake incorporates natural eggs, refined dairy, natural poultry, fish, and grass sustained meat which can guarantee that a tyke gets supplements like, nutrient A, C, and E, calcium, zinc, iron as well as long-chain omega-3 unsaturated fats without any artificial colors or preservatives.

Direction Of Use :

It is an easy way to ensure that your child gets protein and other essential nutrients in their daily diet. Just beat, stir or shake 25 g of Formula 3 with water, skimmed milk or juice. You can get a nice frothy shake which is smooth, creamy and tasty.