How to buy an IPod

An iPod is a portable device for storing and playing audio files encoded by MP3 designed by Apple. I Pods can store from hundred to ten thousand songs. You can play video games on various versions of iPods. There are so many different choices when it comes to choosing an iPod drive-based iPod Classic, the touchscreen iPod Touch, the compact iPod Nano, and the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle.

There are many different kinds of brands on the market, but iPod is the king. They are small and compact and extremely easy to use. iPods are sold with a software application called Apple iTunes that is already installed. This application is designed to help users organize their files or transfer music. The most updated version of this application is also available for free downloading from the Apple website.

How to buy an IPodUnlike many other MP3 players, simply copying audio or video files to the drive with a typical file management application will not allow an iPod to properly access them. The user must use software that has been specifically designed to transfer media files to iPods, so that the files are playable and viewable. Usually iTunes is used to transfer media to an iPod, though several alternative third-party applications are available on a number of different platforms.

Many accessories have been made for the iPod line as these accessories add extra features that other music players have, such as sound recorders, FM radio tuners, wired remote controls, and audio/visual cables for TV connections and other notable accessories include external speakers, wireless remote controls, protective case, screen films, and wireless earphones.

  1. Since the iPod is a big hit, so attractive, so cool, everyone wants one. But iPods are not cheap and you can certainly buy an MP3 player for another company for less. The search for a cheap iPods is everlasting because Apple tightly controls the distribution of iPods and what stores get to sell them. A component of this control is that Apple sets the price for iPods.
  2. Choose from full-size iPods such as the iPod Classic with fully functional features as designed for ultimate portability. The full-size iPods feature a huge hard drive, usually either 30GB or 80 GB. These also allow users to create a photo slide show, or to pay games, videos, or music. If storage size is important, these full-size iPods are ideal for users who want a Cadillac model.
  3. IPod nano is another great choice, featuring color screens and a choice of 4 or 8 GB memory. These pocket-sized models offer more portability than full-size iPods, and are excellent for athletic training or exercise routines. These use flash memory, so there is no risk of hard drive problems with intense exercise or activity. These are also excellent for users who commute each day by bus or train.
  4. For compact portability, choose the iPod shuffle the tiny model can be clipped onto clothes. The iPod shuffle only offers 1GB of storage, which equals about 240 songs. Although the battery life is typically long, users can’t choose a song order; the iPod will play them in a random order.
  5. The best way to buy iPod is by shopping online. Many online retailers can often meet or beat local stores. Some Websites where you can purchase a cheap iPod are such sites as E Bay and the Craig list website.
  6. Look for used iPods at trusted retailers. You want to make sure that the iPod you purchase is not stolen and will have no issues
  7. Wait for new iPod models to be announced and, instead of buying the latest and greatest, buy the models that just got replaced. Retailers will still have inventory of them for a while and will discount the price to move the inventory to make space for the new models.
  8. If you want to have the latest model, buy refurbished as these models carry warranties from Apple and are generally as reliable as new ones. The discount you’ll get for buying refurbished may or may not be enough for you to get the iPod as cheap, but you’ll save some money. While some users can’t wait for the latest and greatest version of the new iPod, others choose to purchase previously sold models from friends or online sites to save on cost.
  9. Be sure you know what you’re buying, have researched the seller’s other transactions. If you’re willing to take a little more risk, though, buying used is your surest bet for cheap iPods as they don’t give any warranties.
  10. Apple will occasionally put iPods on sale around the holiday season, but you’ll be lucky to save 20% if you’re in the market for discounted iPods than waiting for a sale.

The biggest iPod available right now is the iPod Photo. This little machine comes in two storage sizes-you can store 7,500 songs on the iPod Photo with the smaller capacity, or 15,000 songs on the larger one. The iPod Photo, of course, also stores photographs-up to 25,000 of them. This iPod is a jukebox and a photo album. It is also the most expensive iPod model.

So before you go for buying an iPod remember some of the above guidelines to get the best iPod of your choice as they are very expensive at cost.