How to buy Real Pearls

Real Pearls are an enduring classic of romantic beauty and sophistication suitable for almost any occasions or celebrations. Pearls may be worn with formal eveningwear, with a business suit, or casually with a sweater and jeans gives a professional look. Pearls are easy to carry. While pearls were once the luxury of the richer class of people, they are today available at an affordable price and in much wider varieties.

How to buy Real PearlsFresh water pearls naturally occur in white, ivory, pink, peach and coral. Buying real pearls can be a daunting and difficult task for the uninitiated but with a little bit of research the job can become a very interesting and enjoyable experience.

The first factor to keep in mind before buying real pearls is whether you want natural, cultured or imitation pearls.

When purchasing real pearls, it is very important to examine the surface carefully. A high-quality pearl should have a bright and shiny appearance. You should be able to see your reflection in a high-quality pearl. Lower quality pearls have a more milky or chalky appearance. Also, check the surface of the pearl to make sure it is smooth and free of discoloration or other defects. The perfect pearl should be round, smooth and shiny.

Real pearls range in color from white to black with every color in-between The next thing to look for in a pearl is color. There are colors of pearls that are rarer than others in nature but this should not be the determining factor. When purchasing pearls, color should be based on personal taste and what looks best on your skin tone.

Another thing to be aware of when shopping for real pearls is size and how that affects cost. The larger the pearl, the more expensive it will be, depending of course on the other factors. Real pearls are measured in millimeters and will depend on the type of pearl.

To check the shine of the real pearls, keep them under light, on a flat white surface. Real pearls that are of high quality will have smooth shiny surface and would transmit short and crisp reflections. They would also have a contrast between light and dark areas. Do not buy pearls that are dull and have a cloudy look.

You should also check the overtone of the real pearls. Pearls that have a pinkish overtone will have a high price, while those with greenish or bluish tints are a little lower priced. The surface of the real pearl should be absolutely clean and smooth. Check for any cracks, nicks, pits or any discoloration.

The best way to check the quality of the real pearl is to see if it transmits a rainbow color. Real pearls that have an effervescent shade of rainbow colors are the highest quality pearls.

A simple method to check if a pearl is real or imitation is the “Tooth Test”. Gently slide the pearl across the front of your teeth; if it feels smooth then it’s a fake, as real pearls feel gritty.


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