How to choose a Mobile Phone Handset

When shopping for a new mobile phone handset you will find a range of different handsets to choose from with so many networks and tariffs. So choosing a new mobile phone handset in the mobile market it could be a discouraging task. The only simple process to choose a mobile phone handset is to think about how you use your phone and which mobile phone features you need most since most of the mobile phone handsets have different capabilities.

There are many choices to consider when selecting a mobile phone handset with special features that may seem so attractive and also lead to an unnecessarily high bill at the end of the month. So before making a final decision of choosing a mobile handset compare the features of various mobile phones and determine what is important to you.

How to choose a Mobile Phone HandsetChoosing a mobile phone handset is finding the perfect package from the right network provider. You may want to choose a mobile phone package where you pay monthly for your minutes, texts and data allowances, or you may want to choose a pay as you go or SIM only mobile phone package.

GSM phones are suitable for people who want more basic features such as voice calls, SMS and voice mail services. Whether you go for the most technologically advanced mobile or the most basic phone handset, you will simply be choosing a phone from which you can call, access voicemail and send texts.

3G phones do not only make voice calls but allow you to make video calls, access the internet and even watch mobile television. 3G phones also have the added feature of automatically switching over to a GSM network if you move out of a 3G coverage area. And if you want to use your phone for web surfing and email on the go, then look for a larger screen. A screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels is ideal for checking email or looking at mobile web pages

With increasing mobile technology choosing a mobile phone handset can be like choosing a computer, personal organiser, digitial camera and MP3 player. Its just having a tiny device in your pocket to carry out all of these functions. Camera phones have revolutionized the way we think about photography, in terms of portability, sharing and convenience.

The music lovers have the choice of choosing music players in the mobile phones handsets. Mobiles now have enough memory and hardware capabilities for users to forget about owning a separate MP3 player.

For business people choosing a mobile phone is a practical business decision. The latest in smart phone technology means gives a good choice of mobile phone handset that will link up with your business and keep constantly connected with you colleagues. In such case Blackberry handsets are built with the business user in mind. They offer full QWERTY keyboards, advanced email and messaging options, and on board office applications suite for working on the go.

Some mobile companies offer contract process. So choose a mobile phone deciding whether you want to sign a contract with a minimum term by paying monthly for the handset or whether you prefer the freedom of a pay as you go mobile phone. Most ‘free’ or heavily discounted phones are provided as part of a contract that binds you to a mobile phone company for a given period, usually 12–24 months. This includes access fee, costs such as the price of the handset and access to additional services like voicemail.

There are mobile handsets that SIM-only service which offers cheaper call rates with a low monthly access charge. But be careful when choosing a SIM-only service as some older mobile phones may limit your service to GSM.

Don’t choose mobile phone handsets in other networks that aren’t available to your network instead use a phone from a different network is to get various codes. You will be at the risk if you are not able to use all of the options on your mobile phone, such as the internet.