How to deal with buyers online

Due to the most of the buying and selling transactions are going on through online process, the most frustrating problems is when the buyer never responds. As every online seller who sells in reasonable volume are bound from time to time to run into a transaction. And it is also very important, to establish sound practices for dealing with requests for refunds if you’re selling business is to be successful. Your goal from the beginning, therefore, is to resolve the dispute in the way that represents a satisfactory resolution for the buyer while at the same time minimizing your own total costs and risks

There might be some online buyers who do not respond to the seller after buying things. Then the seller has to send them a reminder emails. Ask them to get in touch if there is a delay or other mitigating circumstances. While you may be fuming, it’s possible that the buyer has a legitimate reason for not responding like he might have any family emergency, illness or computer problems.

If you feel you have cause for concern prior to 10 days being up, send a polite reminder email 4-5 days after the auction. Remind them of the item they purchased and that payment is due within 10 days of completion of the auction. If there is still no response after 7 days, send a warning email saying payment is now overdue. Ask them to put the payment through today, or else you will re-list the item. If there is still no response after that time, consider filing an unpaid item dispute. Then relish your item and consider blocking the non-paying buyer from bidding.

Chargebacks occur when the buyer asks their credit card company to remove a charge from their credit card statement. This can take place anytime from immediately after the transaction takes place to months later, and they can be very difficult to appeal.

There are two things you can do. Firstly, be aware of potentially risky situations, and secondly, learn what pieces of documentation can help you appeal a fraudulent chargeback.

Buyer asks for the item to be send via urgent shipping at any cost or shipped to a different address. Since there are some instances where buyers have paid with a stolen credit card. The best way to stay safe is to never ship to any other address, even if the buyer offers a plausible reason for doing so, even if they say it is for a present.

If you have insurance, you can then go through the process of placing an insurance claim. The process can vary in terms of complexity and length, depending on who you shipped with.

Accepting checks can be risky, but note that the reliability of a check payment will often depend on the demographic of your target audience. Never post an item until the check is cleared.

And the best way to get a satisfactory resolution to a problem is to get in touch with the online buyer on phone and talk to the buyer in person.