Precautions to be followed in downloading sites

Internet is where one can download a wide range of useful software. When you download software programs and run them on your own computer you should use caution. Be careful when downloading from the Internet since it may have a virus. There are many precautions should be taken while downloading sites such as install virus protection software on all your computer ands use only trusted sources from which to download software and files.

1. There are some software installs on the Internet that use a custom install application, where you simply follow the directions, and there is very little management required to be taken by yourself. However, many applications require you to download the software and then install it locally.

2. When you click on a link to download a file, some browsers try to load the file into the browser window instead of downloading the file onto your computer so there are few techniques that should be followed. If you are downloading from Internet Explorer then right-click on the link and select “Save Target As…”, and then save the file to your download folder.

If you are downloading from Mozilla Fire fox then  Right-click on the link and select “Save Link As…”, and then save the file to your download folder.

3. As there are thousands of websites that offer software downloads only few of sites are reputable. So it’s very easy for downloading without taking any test as they offer for computer viruses and other types of malware. So it awould be better to stick to well-known, highly reputable sites for best results.

4. If you think you’re getting a great deal by downloading a cracked version of that software think again, because whenever you open up your computer you are definitely fall into trouble for downloading those files and cost you at the end. So make sure you save your money and pay for legal versions of software in order to keep your computer safe.

5. Assess the software properly before installing it to your computer. Is it really useful to your computer or is it just an additional file that will take up your memory space. This will also help you avoid viruses that usually come from web-downloaded wares.

6. When you start up an install program, follow the directions to install the software. It decompress a folder of files, in which case look for a file called “Readme”, and if there is one then double-click it and read it. Then look for the startup file, usually called “setup”, or “install”, double-click it, and follow the directions to install the software. If your system needs help decompressing the file, try using the WinZip

When the installation is finished, unless you want to save the original downloaded file to perform additional installations later, delete the file to save disk space.

7. Most of the trustworthy file download sites allow user comments and ratings for the programs that they offer. This is typically where people report issues with viruses and other infections. Before downloading a file, scan through the user comments section; pay close attention to comments about the downloading and installation process. If people report issues, look elsewhere for the software. Legitimate software downloads and check user feedback carefully, problems can still slip through.

8. When you have a quality firewall program running. It will look for and deny potentially malicious communications. If you attempt to download something from an infected site, it could stop the communication dead in its tracks and keep your PC safe.

9. The most important precaution that you have to follow is you should not go online without quality antivirus software installed on your computer. As you prepare to download a file, a first-rate antivirus program will scan it for viruses and other issues. When you get the green light, you can feel a lot more confident about the safety of the software that you are downloading.

10. Before you go for downloading choose a site that appears clean and simple. Moreover, they should not let you wait for a whole day with their procedures even if they will let you download free software.