Real Estate tips for Sellers

Most sellers get their real estate knowledge and experience at a bulk financial price. They are so busy earning money that they don’t have the time to research and save money. Most real estate agents tend to think about making money in the business as simply closing more transaction.

Real Estate tips for SellersWhen selling real estate, it pays in time and money to go with the professionals.

A real estate professional not only is trained in negotiation techniques, but also is phychologically in a better position than an emotionally involved seller. The result is often a more profitable contract for the seller.

Real estate professionals are knowledgable about the local market and know the highest price a home is likely to bring. A professional can advise the seller on the right balance between the highest price and the fastest sale.

Properties in good shape are rare, and they don’t stay on the market for long.

Try not to fixate on the list price of a house, but rather the fair market value. An estimate of what a buyer would pay a seller for any piece of property.

Smart Sellers are proactive in disclosing all known defects to their buyers in writing.

It’s better to walk away if you’re not comfortable with the situation.
It’s the market that determines the value of a house.

When a house is empty, buyers can see the actual size of each room and can better visualize their things in them.

When a renovated house is priced low, it is a good indication that the owners are looking for a bidding war — they want to get as much money as possible out of the sale.

Find out what other homes in the area have sold for, how long ago the sale was and what amenities they have. What you want to ask for a house has nothing to do with the fair market value.

The three most important matters when it comes to negotiation are information, preparation and realism.

It’s important to understand what legal responsibilities your real estate salesperson has to you and to other parties in the transactions.


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