Tips for buying LCD TV

LCD TV’s, with their decreasing price and performance improvements are becoming a very desirable alternative to the standard CRT set. LCD TVs have changed the perception of common man as a must for entertainment and knowledge sharing and the perfect epitome of technology and design as they are very thin, they can be either wall or table mounted providing with comprehensive menus and easy controls for different audio and video modes.

Planning to buy a new LCD TV and are still confused because the market is overloaded with marketing since there are wide range of LCD TV’s present in the market offered by various electronics makers like Toshiba, LG, Sony, BenQ, Samsung and Panasonic only making task more difficult. Tips for buying LCD TVLCD TVs like conventional TVs are very easy to use. Manufactures also provide you easy to understand manuals that you can use to find out appealing and unconventional features of you latest LCD TV.

LCD TV price depends on the size and features and brand. As the features and size go high, so does the price. So budget is the foremost important factor to be considered since there are numerous LCD TVs available in the market starting range from just 10,000 Rs. To 1 lac Rs. So before you buy LCD TV list down all the features you require and decide your budget that may afford all these features such as size, brand, speakers, audio and video technologies, design etc.

LCD TV sets have a fixed number of pixels on the screen surface. As a buyer, screen size is the first thing you need to decide on. Users generally fancy large size LCDs. The general view is the bigger the LCD, the better. The accepted distance for LCD displays is two to five feet for 20-27-inch displays, six to eight feet for 32-37-inch displays, 10-14 feet for 42-46-inch displays and 16 feet for 50-inch display and above.

Since LCD TV’s are thin, they can be either wall or table mounted so make a proper space to put up your LCD TV. For a wall mounted LCD TV, avoid placing over a functioning fireplace. And for table mount, take a tape measure to the dealer with you so you can make sure that the entire width of the set will fit in your space.

Resolution is very important to check for LCD TV. Some large screen LCD TVs have as high pixel resolution as 1920×1080, accompanied by obviously a high price tag. Most LCD TVs 23-inches and up in screen size offer at least a 1280×720 (720p) or 1366×768 (768p) native pixel resolution. These are the minimum pixel counts you should look for in an LCD television.

Sound clarity is the man feature to check for LCD TV before making purchasing. LCD can also contain woofers and tweeters to enhance the bass effect. Lowest priced LCD TVs would feature two speakers and the number of speakers would increase when going towards high end LCD TVs. Two speakers are good enough to provide you laud sound for your living room, but on the higher end the number of speakers could be six and more. Most of the LCD TVs provide you sound settings with 3 or more sound control modes to choose the perfect sound for movies, songs or games.

LCD TVs can work as a computer screen. So check for the connectors offered. If you have a home entertainment equipment, make sure that the LCD TV has all the connections necessary to hook up to your home entertainment systems. High end LCD TVs are blessed with HDMI inputs that provide a single cable interface for the multimedia devices to be connected with LCD TV.

Check the specifications for Motion Response Time (ms = milliseconds). On an average, an LCD TV should have a Response Time of either 6 ms, 8ms or 12ms.

Contrast ratio, is a very important factor to note. If the LCD TV has a low contrast ratio, dark images will look muddy and gray, while light images will look washed out. When checking contrast ratio numbers, look for Native, Static, or ANSI contrast, not Dynamic or Full On/Full Off contrast.

LCD TVs typically have a good side-to-side viewing angle, make sure you can view the image on the LCD TV from the sides as well as the from the prime viewing area before buying LCD TV.